Sunday, April 24, 2011

New MUSIC: @ryanleslie

Ryan Leslie is one of the most underestimated artist out period and these single above proves this point and I ready to hear more of his record cause right now i'm still  hype about these singles I can't wait till his album come out ON JULY 4 ITS GOING TO BE EPIC.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The "Life in a Day" Trailer

The "Life In A Day" film is going to be amazing cause this is why I blog in a way cause I want to bring my viewers culture of others  but back to this film it a documentary of people in their lives and all the exciting events that goes on but I will be going to see the on July 24 can't wait.


CHRISHABANA A/W 11 COLLECTION - "Weird N' Kinky" from Narrative Films on Vimeo.
Every since I saw Remy wear that "RAD" hat I have been in love with Chrishabana  designs and this season keeps the love going and his theme "Weird N Kinky" was kinda a surprise but i'm happy it not over sexual cause it would make it definitely wired but check it out.


JEЯEMYDANTÉ: Fashion Report Seventy-Five

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Designer: Andrea Crew

Andrea Crew is different brand to me because I had stubble upon their blog on Colette and I start to look more  into it and found that they been making major move like their collaboration Nike, but the brand by itself from their collection they're extremely creative with their design and how they take other elements and apply it to their collection and their themes are very abstract and it always keep you interested.

D O P E 



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