Saturday, January 29, 2011


With this new video from Lil B it just amaze me how much his rapping has changed cause at first his music was catchy but now it on a whole new level and I hope he's consistent with this kind of music, but overall it a great change for Lil B and the video has amazing visuals. but tell me what you think  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Beginning | "Behind DYNT"

The Beginning | "Behind DYNT" from HWPO on Vimeo.

This group of people are the definition of amazing because once you look at this video you will understand what a designer has to go threw to become successful but i'm not very familiar with DYNT clothing but I can tell that it want be long before they become apart something big and really hope to see their clothing in bigger places cause you can tell that they have put a lot into this amazing brand. But viewer tell me what do you think?

New Episodes: Susie Bubble

on Monki.

Well like I said I will be posting the new episodes with Susie Bubble on Monki TV and I really like her show and love how she wears the craziest thing and pull it off so well and she still is creative and her whoredrobe and how diverse it is.

Wiz Khalifa - On My Level Ft. Too Short [Official Music Video]

Wow Wiz has really got big since "Prince of The City" that one of is older mixtape if you don't know but it good to see him reach this level so everyone check out the video and his album comes out March 29.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Style Bubble X Monki TV

on Monki.
Today I found something really cool because going threw the regular website I found something really cool which was Monki TV by the amazing Susie Bubble which she had a popular blog: Style Bubble. which is really creative but yet is so dope in fashion and I will start post most of her new episodes. So check it out and tell me what you think.
Susie Bubble 

PHENOMENON 2011 S/S Collection

PHENOMENON 2011 SPRING / SUMMER Collection from PHENOMENON on Vimeo.
This was an interesting fashion show to watch because at first I wanted to cut it off because some of the look weren't that good but I kept watching and over all I enjoyed it cause this line is more like art rather than clothing but the there were a couple of pieces that I liked.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chanel Pre-Fall Collection

This collection is amazing why do I say that its CHANEL but I really would love to see female dress similar but thats my opinion but to end this short but what do yo all think. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011



Damir Doma 2011 Fall Collection Runway Video

DAMIR DOMA - MNS AW 2011 from Damir Doma on Vimeo.

Damir Doma collection is really cool I like the dark gothic high fashion is type feel this collection give off but the only thing I wish this collection had is I would be more wearable but their are plenty of pieces I would wear though but viewer tell me what you think. 

Music Is Changing

Music is about to start changing in extreme way cause Kanye West to about drop a new album this summer and about to release "drop the throne" in like three months I believe. Also Lil Wayne is about to drop "Cater IV" in April and I really want to hear that to see if his sound is going to change anymore than it has also I want to hear some more Lex Luger beats cause H.A.M was one of the dopest tracks of this year and ready to hear to some new indie music and some up coming artist at my School.

N.O.D.I.C.E they kind dope  
Interesting haven't herd of this group from my school.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Love those pants

This is probably this best line of F/W 2011 that i've seen cause I haven't heard of this designer but I really love this collection cause its edgy but it still cohesive and well put together and really want those leather pants and most of this collection. but viewer tell me what you think. Also on the video they remixed one of LADY GAGA SONGS.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2011

It seem as if most designer are time traveling for 2011 F/W collections cause this line remind me of a 80's preppy chic which was well executed I also like how the collections has a big color spectrum and the different textures. But viewers tell me your thought of this collection.

Dries Van Noten Fall 2011


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