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AMAZING Remy is making amazing  moves for his brand "ASSMAN" . Well one day xi might buy my girlfriend those panties but but i cant wait to see more things from assman!!  

Friday, July 30, 2010


ADEENYC from ADEEN TV on Vimeo.
Man This is going to be D O P E that all i gotta say and check out my interview with Jimmy Vega 

Takashi Murakami x Chateau de Versailles

AMAZING Japanese artist Takashi Murakami  has an art exhibit @ Château de Versailles in France. From the picture the gallery just is amazing but if you haven't heard of Takashi Murakami  he's basically one of the best artist of  this generation, from his work with Kanye West album "Generation " to his carpet he's phenomenal. 
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Tween Fall 2010 Campaign

Taz Arnold x Karmaloop TV

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Qool: Theophilus London + Moruf

The Qool: Theophilus London + Moruf from Kibber Films/Jackpot in the West on Vimeo.

Eye See You

                                                      These rings are a dope accessory and you get em at HERE!

Bess Fall 2010

Bess a New York base brand is quite extraordinary line withe strange dark pattern also it clothes has a different fit than other  brand. Personally this line is perfect for me right now I feel dark and filled with emotions. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


 If  you haven't heard of REMBRANDT(Jimmy Vega) please get familiar cause he's the most creativity I seen in fashion this year period with his Assman brand and being apart of ∆DEEN Magazine & Red Ribbon Army. It's amazing to see all the moves he made with BET's rip the runway and everything else but let me stop so you can read my interview.    

-How did you and Jovany Perez get together?
High school! He was a freshman and I Was A Senior

-What was your first photo shoot

My first photoshoot..... was for a model agency, i was trying to be a model haha big fail! 

-What was your first fashion creation ?

Back in 4th grade i made a sneaker out of clay with wings on the side!

-When was your first fashion opportunity ?

Ummm.... I dont really know. Besides fashion class in school I guess it was BET's Rip The Runway

-How did you come about becoming a fashion stylist and so into fashion ?

Well I decided to become a stylist to get into the industry and meet the right people who could help me become a designer. And It all stemmed from high school

-What was your inspiration for ∆DEEN magazine ?

Just myself and the things I love. Cartoons, and Roses and Toile wall paper. like cheetahs and stuff haha.

-How did you feel once you had everything together mean with your magazine and your connections with Diggy, 

Great Scott, Ricci Steez, and other people ?
I mean its not really a magazine. Thats just a name we came up with cuz it sounded cool really haha but It honestly feels amazing! 2600 views in one day makes me feel INCREDIBLE! All because of Assman and my supporters! Its awesome! and when this Madbury club thing comes out.... WOW lol itll be great!

-What's your thought process once you begin a new project ?

Just making sure I really believe in the product and put 100% into it and never let my self not be myself.

-Your creativity seem as if it's endless but, are you planing to venture out side the ass man brand and Red Ribbon Army? explain 
Ummm haha i dunno if my creativity is endless, so much as my imagination and hopes and dedication. But definately. Assman is just a line under the brand ADEEN. thats my side of the brand. 

-Since i'm trying to assemble unknown cool crew what advice can you give me and others about finding a crew.
Really dont start a crew. Thats my advice. You need to establish and work on yourself before you put on a whole team. Just like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. They needed to establish and prove themselves before they made Rocafella and Young Money.

-Do you feel like your finally famous?
Definitely not. I feel like ive taken that first step to becoming successful. Famous no though ahah

Well thank you for your time and hope fully once i go to New York for the whole summer next year i can get an follow up interview in person.

For sure! Anytime!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quinn Aston x Stylelikeu

Quinn Aston from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Valentino Fall 2010 Campaign


Online I happen to stubble upon this amazing daily weekly fashion newspaper this newspaper have amazing spreads with the dopest art i seen in awhile. Everyone need to check this put    


DAVID ANDERSEN from Andreas Weiland on Vimeo.
David Andersen Fall winter collection is quiet amazing cause it's refreshing  to the color black with the different forms of clothing it used in like the looks below.


 To my viewers sorry I haven't ben posting regularly but in the future i plan to post more also i going to begin work on my up coming line ZR▽(ZRA) but over all life has just been a world wind which is stuff i'll deal with later but right now I need to put  that aside and deal with it and do what makes me happy but right now i'm basically stuck.    

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Year 15(A GOOD READ)

 This morning I woke up with another year behind me so I thought to myself about that year with all the BS that I did and the BS I had to put up with. Overall being 14 was a coming of age moment in my life but with  the months being 14 I realize that I need to follow my dreams but at the time I really couldn't because first I didn't have any money to put towards my dream and I wasn't able to get a job. The second reason was myself-esteem had gotten so low that I really didn't want to do anything that people would want to make fun of me that sound really immature but at that time that how I felt cause at this period of time, I felt like I was at my lowest point with the argument I had with some females and other people and other emotion that will be explained later in my life, but with those argument I felt like I broke friendships with some people that could been a major factor in my life but I'm pass that now. Another thing I really want to work on is that i'm so afraid what people would think of me if I start actin like the real me what i mean by that is that I act apart of me and why i do this is because i'm kinda......Afraid what everyone would think of me but i guess i'm going to have to get over that problem. But off the subject with some of these problems and other MAJOR PROBLEMS I wanted to smoke for a minute but i thought thats the worst way to deal with problems so at the end of the day I didn't  but i'm still unhappy with life but hopefully my 15 year will compromise with that problem. but at the end of my 14 year i learn you need to take a stand and deal with your problem just don't complain about em  but now i ready to face to road awaiting for me.


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Unknown Cool Crew is on the look for members

I've ran into a problem the Unknown cool crew dosen't have a Crew so to my viewers I need to assemble a crew so tell everybody that you know that has style and any creative talents so e-mail me @

please include-

-Picture of yourself (optional)
-Your talent also have example how you use you talents
-And why should you be apart of unknown cool crew

hope to get lot of e-mail about everyones talents.

Duckie Brown Fall 2010

Filippa K Fall 2010 Campaign

I haven't heard of Filippa K but with this campaign for fall 2010 is a great look with the casual high fashion looks  

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Theophilus London Interview KARMALOOP TV

Theophilus London did an recent interview with karmaloop TV speaking about who inspire h is style also speaks about his up coming projects and working with va$hite and much other things 

Giuliano Fujiwara Fall 2010 Campaign

Giuliano Fujiwara is always breaking new thing in the menswear including  his latest Campaign for fall 2010 which consist the latest man skirt phenomena but always excellent to see new thing  

Tom Ford for Exit Spring/Summer 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ronan Pecher

European designer Ronan Pecher releasees an exquisite, very unique end of the year collection with very strange pieces  but with this collection entitle Lost in the Woods it gives a caveman like theme to this collection with the nature like color scheme 

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