Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Day x Unknown

Today being Unknown was Fun, Exciting & aggervating why i say all these thing is because if your my friend on facebook or follow me on twitter you kno i went shopping for the fresh appeal that I always rock on daily i also meet some girls at the mall u kno I get my cake on.. LOL as i was saying oh it was exciting cause I Finaly got 2 new pair of glasses dope (Ray Ban& D&G) we keeps it name brand ova here also my IPHONE is back but no call hit me on a txt and if u want my number go to my facebook and don't play on my F**kin phone now about the rest of my day also i ran into my friend Cameron at Urban Outfitters also i discover one thing I hate malls OMG it was so crowded and people was acting so ignorant and embracing themselfs it just just filled up with crazy people and this nice jewelry company had shut down that why trying to stay recession free now i kno to go to boutique and other exclusive stores like (i_am stores & I am sneaky) that how my day was Fun, Exciting & aggervating

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