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Levi hold the esscents of rap in his lyrics an amazing artist LEVI!!. I had the honors to interview him, he's Young, Fresh and has no were but up so Enjoy

In the time you been rapping has,the world of rap change in your perspective. Explain?

yes sir it has. i believe that rap consists of two sides now.. those who sell-out & those who don't.

-Do you think lyrics are important cause most rapper talk about swagger, money ect. and why?

OF COURSE. lyrics are the basis of hip hop/ rap music.
without it the song is just a beat ya know.
I think everything is ok in moderation (except drugs lol) but when EVERY single
song is about "swag this & money that" it gets old.

-Do you feel like your the underdog to the other young rappers explain?

Yes, I do..
simply because I don't make the same type of music most other
"young" rappers do.
but being an underdog is something i'm used to.
it makes me work harder.

-When did you start rapping, and what inspired you?

lets see... i started rapping about 6-7 years ago.
nothing really inspired me to do it, i just... picked it up from
my older brother.

-What do you think is going to happen in the future?

create my own label, NO SELLOUTS!
re-locate to L.A. live out there with my bro
meet that special girl ;-D
& change the world! one beat at a time...

-When did you know you were going to be a rapper ?

when i was like 13 or 14.
it just... hit me. there was no denying it.

-What is your best memory during your rap experience?

the positive feedback is dope but the BEST experience has to be
when someone walks up to me (or e-mails me) & tells me how
my music helped them or how it's changed the way they see life.
in a positive way ya know.

-Do you think when you get famous will the fame consume you?

good question.... I'd have to say No.

not at all.
I am above all things, a born-again Christian.
I refuse to let fame change that.
my morals will be exactly how they are now.
i treat people how i want to be treated now, & i will continue to
do so even when i am "famous."

-Do you like old school or new school better?

hard to say... i enjoy old & new school.
some people think new school is only "swag rap or dance music"
but its not. you have some good "new school" artist as well. so yaaa i don't know.

-Do you think DJ's have less meaning now then back in the older days

yes sir i do...
back then they were just as important as the rapper was.
but now, they have been pushed to the side.
some people think the title "DJ" is just a name.
it's much more than that.

-Also do you think old school lyrics are better than lyrics today

hmm... not always.
some old school lyrics were dope but they're are some really dope new school
lyrics too.

-Who or what inspire your lyrics

my foresight (word to Rizzy!), my dreams, my life. such things...

-Do you have good work ethic

sadly wack school always tries to get in the way..

-Do you feel rappers topic have change since you have been listening to rap

it surely has.
it's went from: substance, to stuntin', to booty shaking, to guns, to drugs, to dancing, to swag... i don't even know whats next.
but whatever it is, it'll be cut short.
because i'm on my way into the game.
& EVERYTHINGS changing (for the common good) when i do....

-what genre do you consider yourself. why?

a bunch... i take major influences from other genres & just incorporate them into
hip hop form.
but its not just hip hop, it's all the other genres i've pulled from too.
so yaa.
techno, oldies, jazz, soft rock, alternative, r&b, FRENCH MUSIC (its awesome lol), hip hop, & many more...

-does school get in the way of your recording.

All the time...
i'm actually in the process of ehhhh... hate to say it like this,
but Dropping Out.
(for those of you reading, i do NOT need the "stay in school speech" i've had it for years
& still nothing has changed. so don't waste your time. not being rude, just being real)

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