Saturday, August 21, 2010

Breaking Threw Everything But it Still Comin At you

  Sorry to all of my followers with my lack of post but still be on the look out of some up coming projects I have in work also fashion week is right around the corner for St. Louis ( September 7-11) so I'm going  to be posting a lot. Lately life just been like i'm Breaking Threw Everything But it Still Comin At you and why I say this cause their been a lot of problem that I been have on my chest but I feel like I can't trust anyone with these things that been on my mind lately cause over this summer I did a lot of soul searching and start to begin to discover who I am but I guess that life. Now with the school year in full swing with the first week over with I have a feeling that things at school are going to be interesting with my crush and other things thats going on, well hopefully I can find that one person who I can be 100% with but I don't see that happening any time soon cause my friend been want ing to know what was on my mind but i can't tell em well I hope everybody the best and be ready for life.......

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