Monday, September 13, 2010

HIGH School WTF!

  WOW right now I wonder what are people prospective on high school life but hopefully these picture above aren't what you think of high school cause as of right now high school seems to be alot of things like a bottom less pit, a waste of time meaning being in a classroom with other kids and many other things and why i'm feeling this way cause right now it just seem that high school is just a place to be for six hour for something you want remember in the next Year but don't get me wrong I their to learn but outside of school and in lunch I mightiest well not be their cause as of right now I don't have a social life AT ALL  cause usually my day consist of going to class and just sit their and listen to teacher talking about some ish and I just do my work to get it over with leave and after school I usually just sit at home for the rest of the day and rarely stay after for after school activities, but as you all are reading this I do look at other problem that are way bigger than mine but right now this is my problem cause i feel like after I graduate i'm going to feel as if  I didn't get the total experience but FUCK IT right now i really just need to vent some of these nonessential emotion away but hopefully in the future i'll find someone that really could understand and help me in this situation hopefully ya'll enjoyed the read  and expect more tale about me and my experience at McCluer North HS

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  1. I Feel Like This Sometimes As Well.
    But Just Know That These 6 Hours A Day
    Will Pay Off Really Well, Really Soon.
    BTW I Go 2 Hazelwood Central Hs =].

  2. Wow i'm surprise somebody read it but thanks alot and on of my real good friend go to Hazelwood Central Hs

    P.S- you have a cool blog



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