Friday, January 14, 2011


Today an event happen that make me think if I choose the group of friends to be around cause, as of right now I feel as if I don't have any real friend but as of right know I have 413 Associates. Wow shit changes real fast but they never see my next move i'm about to make. God my life is so depressing also one thing that piss me off is when people say it gets better, how the hell would someone know if everything going to get better cause as of right know it seem as if everything keep getting worser as life goes on, I been so tempted to smoke a cigaret but i'm not (and i'm not promising anything) I really need to stop complaining about my problem but I don't ever tell anyone but viewers just wish me luck cause i'm have near crazy as of now.

When will someone tell me this ( love SKINS)

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