Saturday, May 21, 2011

"The 8th Planet"

The Neptunes present "The 8th Planet" from Decon on Vimeo.
Only one word is need to describe this documentary and its "Phenomenal". but this documentary is the best and only documentary that i've seen about N.E.R.D and it basically goes in and gives some brief history about N.E.R.D & Neptune's and how they would come up with their tracks and their thought process and why they do what they do and this was an eye opener for me and to see that you need to work hard but at the same time be care free and release a product meaning music that you like and I really need to understand that cause I really don't show any of my designs to anyone because of what they might say but i'm happy that I watched this documentary.

P.s Everyone  should watch this.


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