Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Year 15(A GOOD READ)

 This morning I woke up with another year behind me so I thought to myself about that year with all the BS that I did and the BS I had to put up with. Overall being 14 was a coming of age moment in my life but with  the months being 14 I realize that I need to follow my dreams but at the time I really couldn't because first I didn't have any money to put towards my dream and I wasn't able to get a job. The second reason was myself-esteem had gotten so low that I really didn't want to do anything that people would want to make fun of me that sound really immature but at that time that how I felt cause at this period of time, I felt like I was at my lowest point with the argument I had with some females and other people and other emotion that will be explained later in my life, but with those argument I felt like I broke friendships with some people that could been a major factor in my life but I'm pass that now. Another thing I really want to work on is that i'm so afraid what people would think of me if I start actin like the real me what i mean by that is that I act apart of me and why i do this is because i'm kinda......Afraid what everyone would think of me but i guess i'm going to have to get over that problem. But off the subject with some of these problems and other MAJOR PROBLEMS I wanted to smoke for a minute but i thought thats the worst way to deal with problems so at the end of the day I didn't  but i'm still unhappy with life but hopefully my 15 year will compromise with that problem. but at the end of my 14 year i learn you need to take a stand and deal with your problem just don't complain about em  but now i ready to face to road awaiting for me.


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