Friday, February 18, 2011


  Welp now I have an understandance in why I'm so nonshalant about everything and thats because you have to have someone to care about you for you to care about something, meaning anything that you care about. And why I'm saying this is because as of right now this whole year has been shity and nothing has went towards my favor but I don't want everything to be perfect but I would like to have something in my life that I'm happy about. WHY THE FUCK DO I EVEN TRY just listening to myself think is horrible because it feel as if I'm just wasting my life and its so fucking fustrating cause this is like the first time I really feel lost, cause an epic deparcher from my friend for like 6 year but it kinda affected my but I still don't give a fuck but oh well, yeah and, right after all my other friends seem as if their distanceing theselves from me and as of right now I'm a lone wolf and it begining to affect my other thoughts and I'm expecting for everything to get worser and my wholr concept if life is getting worser but at least I have somewhat health yeah and on top of this I have to go,down to Mississippi for spring break and hopefully its not for the whole thing but imma make the best out of it even if my social skills are destroyed and I don't like being around my family but hopefully I can be happy mext month with my camera I hope to get and next year being a complety new school cause as of right now I feel like smoking a shot load of weed but don't have any but just hope me the best.
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